” The People Of The Book Would Gain Victory Through The Medium Of The Beloved Prophet “

( Al Baqarah 89 )

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The Pillars of Islam


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From al-Malfūdh Sharīf, pp. 380: There are three types of Qiyāmah. The first type is, Qiyamah al-Sughrā [small/minor Qiyāmah] and that is death. It is said, When anyone of you die, indeed Qiyāmah...

Allah exists without a place

`Allāmah Sa`aduddīn Taftāzānī [may Allāh have mercy on him] states: "Allāh [exalted is He] is free from being in a place [makān]. Due to this, He is also free from being in a direction [jihat,...